What We Do in Storytime

I started this blog partly as a way to keep track of the storytimes I did and to share what I’d learned in almost 15 years of doing storytimes. It’s hard to get good photos of a storytime in action with littles moving all about! Anywho, enjoy these random shots from my most recent storytimes along with the answers to a couple of FAQs.

How do you setup storytime?

Like this. All the books that I might read. Our Ipad with my storytime playlist and a Beats Pill. Storytime stickers. Bins with scarves, ribbons and shaker eggs. My song cube. And a couple of props. Everything I need is in reach. I don’t have problems with anyone removing things from my table. Once in awhile kids want to get the Ipad or the buckets so I sit them at the back out of reach.

What do you in storytime?

STEM activities like fizzy concoctions.

Art/messy play like painting with shaving cream.

Sensory play.

Large motor play.

I have never seen kids working as hard at play as I did with this sensory table setup. Cardboard boxes I cut up and tubes crisscrossing through them. Kids surrounded this the entire time. Heads down, scooping, digging, pouring, figuring out what was happening to the beans they poured down a tube, catching the beans as they spilled out. The kids played easily with each other, sharing cups and space. I could’ve used a bigger table!


What do you do in storytime?


Until next time…….


Adventures in Storytime

It was our first week of summer storytimes and we had a full house and loads of fun! Kids, even the older ones, seemed to have a good time with this theme. Looking for more books? Check out my Construction/Building booklist.

Theme:   Construction/Building   Ages:    0-6                   Early Literacy Focus:  Vocabulary



Image result for macdonald had a truck

Image result for construction countdown

I’m going to try to include a visual element in every storytime so I made a magnet set of the vehicles in “Macdonald” and plopped them on a magnet board as I read the story. After stories, parents and kids talked about and played with the pieces again. Double bonus!

Songs & Rhymes

“Shake Your Sillies Out” by the Wiggles

“The Elevator Song”

Humpty Dumpty

“The More We Get Together


The most popular stations were the craft stick houses on foam core and the bean table. If I were doing it again I’d do a second table for the craft stick houses and make an even longer streamer/bubble wrap tunnel.

Got a favorite construction-themed readaloud or activity? Share it in the comments!


Until next time, Book Lovers!

Saw It On Pinterest: Ideas that worked

While my library takes a storytime break this month to do school summer reading visits, I thought I’d share a couple of recipes I found on Pinterest that I recently tried. Let me say that I love a messy storytime. I love creating activities where kids can get their hands dirty. I have never shied away from any potentially messy project. Not the cloud dough that ended up crumbled all over the new dark blue carpet in our meeting room. Not the water beads that rolled everywhere and got smushed into said new carpet. Not even the finger painting where I laid butcher paper on the floor and had kids sit on the floor to paint. (Don’t worry; there was a tarp underneath the paper!) I did cringe a little, though, while I watched (we all watched) as if in slow motion a little boy who, after mom cleaned his hands, promptly walked right back over to the butcher paper covered in paint and sat right down in the middle of it. I was sure that mom was never coming back but-whew- she did! Occasionally, parents will look at me like this…….

 tv reactions shocked threes company jaw drop GIF

via Giphy

when I say, “Don’t worry. That’s what vacuums are for!” I ain’t scared of no mess!

Anywho, I needed a new batch of my two favorite sensory concoctions: play dough and slime. We had a dozen canisters of cornstarch and no salt. All I had was rock salt so I used that. I went with my favorite go-to recipe, substituting rock salt for table salt.


The dough looks like it’s full of gemstones when you start mixing it.


As you knead it, the rock salt falls out. Don’t do this on a surface you don’t want scuffed.




It pulls together really well and there still are some rock salt crystals in it which the kids really enjoyed finding.  Next up was this water bead slime recipe.


This is the consistency and stretchiness you want.

Having made dozens of batches of slime, I can tell you that slime made with Borax holds up longer but slime made with liquid starch is faster and easier to make. I went with fast and easy. Make the slime then dump in some water beads.




How cool does that look? Don’t you just want to stick your hands in it? Me too.


The caveat here is that you will want to use this soon after making it. After a week or so it’s done. The extra moisture from the water beads causes the slime to break down and become very, very sticky. Once the water beads are fully plumped they will fall out of the slime and roll everywhere. The shelf life on this is probably a week, unless you go back and add more liquid starch to firm it up.



If you try these, I’d love to hear how it went!

What are your favorite concoctions?




What We Did in Storytime, Bunnies!

We did a bunny storytime for spring.  Storytimers are the most fun!

Theme:   Bunnies         Age:  0-6         Literacy Focus:  Love Books


I don’t know if I’ve ever had a group laugh so much to a book as this group did to the Easter Bunny’s AssistantEverybunny Dance! had a lot actions you could invite a group to do with you to make it more interactive. Continue reading

What I Did in Storytime, Tacos Tacos Tacos!

I’ve been doing this gig for a long time and I’ve done thousands of storytimes. In the beginning I had to write everything down so I knew exactly what I was going to do and in what order. Now, I could do them in sleep, and even if I plan them ahead of time, the finished product is always a little different. Anywho, this means I usually either don’t have a theme or I pick the theme at the last minute. Such was the case with this storytime, centered around the book Dragons Love Tacos. Hey, I love tacos, too! Taco me! Continue reading

Why It’s Absolutely Okay to Take a Break

What’s a surefire way to make blogging feel new again? Take a break for 3 months or a while! I could stress that I haven’t ticked off every. single. item. on my to do list. But, you can not do it all. The earth will continue to spin. Life happens. And a lot of life has happened in the interim. Moving back into my library branch after it being closed for most of 2016 which meant getting back into the groove of working a public desk, answering phones and doing storytimes. And lots of personal adulting stuff that I’ll spare anyone from reading. I need a tshirt that says I’d rather be playing.  Continue reading