Flying Eye Books, a Review

I have much love for picture books. But after years of being immersed in picture books I’m pretty picky. From story to typography, everything has to be ‘on fleek’ as the kids say (Are they still saying it? Since adults are, probably not.)  I can spot a stinker a range a way but every now and then I’m blown away by someone who gets it right. Flying Eye Books gets it right. every. time.

These were just a few titles my library had on the shelf. Don’t they have the most interesting covers? All the covers are eye-catching, colorful and visually pleasing.  The layout, color, font, orientation and binding hit all the right notes. Book covers should say, “Pick me up!” and theirs most definitely do.



Even their endpapers are beautiful.

From “Imelda and the Goblin King” by Briony May Smith






From “Neffy and the Feathered Dinosaurs” by Joe Lillington




While the books vary in approach, they’re all stunning examples of each illustrator’s style and the impact illustrations can have in storytelling. No missed opportunities here in capturing the tone of each story. In Marcel, the collage illustrations are funky and urban perfectly fitting for a book about a dog in New York City. The Journey tells the story of a mother and her two children who are refugees in search of a new home after fleeing their war-torn homeland. That’s a hard story to tell children. Much of the story takes place at night so most of the pages have a black background giving the reader the sense of darkness. While the text tells the children’s point of view, it is the illustrations shown from the mother’s point of view that give you the real story. The Journey is, in my opinion, one of the better picture books on this topic. I love the retro look in How Many Legs. And that double page spread in Boo! just begs for audience participation. What kid wouldn’t want to yell out, “Boo!” when he sees that?

Check out and drool over the rest of their titles here. Are there publishers you love? Share them in the comments.

Happy reading!


A Literary Feast or What I’m Thankful For




This is ‘what I’m reading’. Twenty titles in these stacks plus two more that were lying somewhere else. It’s ridiculous really because no working person could read all this in one checkout period. They check out for 3 weeks with two renewals. I’ve used them all. Some are overdue. I’ve been billed for a book that I’ve got but haven’t finished and can’t bring myself to turn in until I do. #notsorry But look what a good mix of books it is! There’s old and new, fiction and nonfiction, adult and ya and children’s, books getting award buzz. There are books I’m reading for me and books I’m reading for work. This is how I know when I hear people say, “I just buy my books” that they’re not readers, not really. You can buy books when you only read a few a year, but when you’re reading dozens, maybe even hundreds of books a year you’re not buying them! I don’t trust people who aren’t readers. It’s as if they’re saying I don’t do words. How could you not? Books have been my life line, my education, inspiration, comic relief, passport, therapy. It’s through books that I’ve learned more about love and myself. My life is better for being a reader. For all the books and the ones who taught me to read them, I am forever thankful.

Lord, help me the day I stop working at the library and start accruing fines. In that case, I should get naming rights.

Happy Thanksgiving!