Picture Book Month, The End

I’m ending with several picture books that are in a league of their own. They’re gorgeously illustrated, unforgettable stories that will stay with you long after you’ve reached the end.

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Picture Book Month, day 29!

The continued celebration of great picture books……


The comical illustrations and the snarky tone make this a good read for bigs and littles.



If your kids’ imaginations need jumpstarting, this is for them. Also, you’ll want to build all the cardboard things after reading it so start gathering now. Continue reading

Picture Book Month, day 21

Three books that prove in stories anything can happen!

I liked this one but wasn’t sure if younger readers would ‘get it’. They did and it was funny to see the mix of reactions from laughter to perplexity. At one storytime a four year old said to me with a ‘what in the world’ expression, “No one would actually tear their house down because they heard a noise.” Exactly. Continue reading

Picture Book Month, day 18

One of my favorites of the year. I smiled all the way through the first time I read this. With its rhyme, crazy illustrations and the ‘mystery’ of who broke the teapot (hint: it’s not who you think it is!) this one is a crowd pleaser.

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Picture Book Month, day 17

I love books where things get eaten! ( Cue Jaws music. . . . . .)

Tadpole’s Promise is a book everyone should know. What a surprise ending! When I did this in storytime I think the parents were more shocked than the kids. Hey, it’s the circle of life! Continue reading

Picture Book Month, day 16

Two of my favorite picture books that celebrate diversity. Picture books are an easy way of helping young readers understand diversity and acceptance. With the current state of things, this is more important than ever.


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Picture Book Month, Day 15

Today’s books are notable for their distinctly wonderful illustrations. Very different styles but each a treat for the eyes.

Not typically a fan of dog books, this one gets everything right from the text to the font to the colorful mixed media collage illustrations. And Marcel is totally adorbs. This one hits all the right notes.

Image result for marcel picture book flying eye


Perfect for the 0-3 crowd with it’s soft illlustrations and rhyming text. Just as cozy as the warm fluffy quilt you’ll want to be snuggled under when you share this with your little one.

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Picture book meets graphic novel in the best of ways. The beautiful muted illustrations are so perfectly suited to a story about a monk and his cat.

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Krommes colored scratchboard illustrations lend a nostalgic feel to this story. What to read on a cozy winter day.

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Happy reading!