Picture Book Playlist, I Heart Paris


I finally got my hands on this lovely little picture book. Put aside that isn’t the real story of the Eiffel Tower. From start to finish it’s quaint and lovely. Incredible pen and ink work even on the endpages. Can someone please make this print into wallpaper that I can hang in my house? Thanks.


The black, white and pink palette feels chic and thereby Parisian. There’s some rhyme throughout but occasionally it’s off which makes me think that somethings were lost in translation.


The story, while sweet, is a bit unusual. Madame Eiffel is sick and can’t travel so to make her feel better her husband builds the Eiffel Tower. Why are they flying through the air? I don’t know but isn’t it precious? Doesn’t it make you want to fly over the streets of Paris yourself? Yes, yes it does. Paris picture books excel at that.


I’d recommend it for older picture book readers or one-on-one read alouds.


Listen with:

“Chatouiller Le Ciel Avec Toi”

Sur Le Pont d’Avignon”

“Il Fait Dimanche”

Read with:

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Vive la Paris!

Our hearts and minds are with France in light of recent events. I thought of my favorite Parisian children’s books. There’s a lightness, a joie de vivre that the French do better than anybody. Reading and sharing these stories seems like a way, be it ever so small, to celebrate this beautiful city. How fitting that Paris is the “City of Light” since Light always triumphs over darkness.


There are lots of kids’ books set in Paris and these are a few of my favorites. Whimsical stories and sophisticated illustrations lend a worldly air to these Francophile adventures.

Diva and Flea

Loved everything about it. This book is beautiful and sets the standard for early chapter books. From the thick pages, the sprinkling of French, the delicate pen and watercolor illustrations to the Eiffel Tower spread this book is a reminder of all the things that make reading an actual book a much more pleasurable experience than reading a screen which could never do this book justice. The story–of taking a chance, being brave and having grand adventures–is just as sweet as the illustrations. Having read this the day after the Paris attacks it feels like a wonderful little ode to Paris. A must read.

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à bientôt!