A Child’s First Book of Trump: Review

I don’t know why I’m only just discovering this! After this was returned everyone working that day insisted (I may have insisted) on reading it. It. is. HILARIOUS! Unless you’re a fan. But if you’re not it’ll have you laughing out loud! Continue reading

Friday Faves

Just found Late Night Library podcasts. This one of them discussing Susan Atkins’ biography (member of the Charles Manson cult) was especially good. 

I absolutely LOVE this activity that’s a mix of science and art from Ana @ Babble Dabble Do!

Process Art for Kids - Ooey Gooey Oily Art

Check out this cool mini library/book exchange that transforms!

Mark your calendars or bookmark this page now for the release dates of these awesome picture books by award-winning authors and illustrators!

 And finally, this. I need this in my life. Look at the way the box shows how you can make all the 3D things! Eating Building 3D chocolate designs–that’s a STEM activity, right?