Lessons learned in storytime

Mondays are storytime days at my library and there are always take aways for me.

  1. If one of the activities involves slime, plan to use twice the number of tables and chairs than you think because, inevitably, most of the storytimers will play at that station the entire time. Note to self: Who needs all those other activities? We’ll all play with slime together! You get slime! She gets slime! Baby gets slime! Slime for everyone!

best. slime. ever. EVER!

2.  If one of your three-year-old storytimers thinks she’s your bff just go with it.

3.  At storytime a kid said to me, “Miss Charity, that little girl is not playing this game right!” Ha! I think storytime reveals a child’s true personality. At storytime you’ll see introverts, extroverts, rebels, leaders, followers, the messies, the OCDers, type As and Bs. Not sure what your child is? Take them to storytime then sit back and watch what happens.

4. Often the book(s) I’m not crazy about reading will be the crowd favorite and vice versa. Cases in point…..

I read this book to all kinds of groups when it came out in the hopes that they would like it and without fail


….they did not.

Monday’s favorite?


Meh. But hey, what do preschoolers know? They can’t even read. 😉

What are your favorites or least favorites for read alouds? Drop it in the comments!