Friday Favorites

Wow, just a week til Christmas! I haven’t shopped or baked yet. Eh, I’ve got time. I’ll be talking about best books of the year today for a staff training so I thought I’d share what I’m loving right now.


The title represents the only words used in this book. I really like the concept along with the change in point of view. The illustrations are fun and frenzied. Can’t wait to share this one with my storytimers.


If you dig jazz this is the picture book for you! It’s about  a rooster who gets tired of cock-a-doodle-do and decides to scat instead. This book rocks. I read this to a group who really got a kick out of all the scatting. Be warned: do practice reading it before doing it with a group because the scat is a real tongue twister. And be prepared to go all out with an over the top performance when reading it aloud. It’s the only way to do this one justice!


I’ll admit that I passed on this when I first saw it because I didn’t like the cover. After revisiting it, though, I will definitely be using and recommending it. There are so many great things happening here: showing a multiracial family while not making that the focus, the use of big words which build vocabulary for young readers (there’s a even a ‘glossary’ at the end), the methods she uses to make her case that introduce kids to ideas like proposals and pie charts, super cute illustrations and all around the premise of wanting a giraffe for her birthday which no one will relate to more than the picture book crowd. This is one to read!

Finally, here’s your library moment of the day:

Library patrons are so funny. There’s a sign on my desk that lists upcoming holiday closings. And everyday there are patrons who come up and ask me, while I’m sitting at the desk, if we’re closed right now! Ha!