Book Crush

I love when books introduce new concepts to kids. Here comes Be a Friend introducing 21st century kids to a 19th century craft, miming! When’s the last time you thought of mime? I don’t know either but it’s never looked cuter. It’s the story of a young mime who feels lonely because no one gets him. Then one day he meets a new friend, Joy, who shares his love of the imaginary. They play and spread the love of mime together.


It’s really quite a striking book. Yoon uses subdued, minimal colors–just black, white and red accents. Only at the end when everyone plays together is there full color. The endpapers show various mime moves.


All this miming got me wondering how easy it would be to teach miming to storytimers?


I like the sweet simplicity of the illustrations and the clever use of color and boldface type highlighting important words. And this is the first use of “jazz hands” in a picture book that I can recall. Miming and jazz hands? That’s a picture book ‘do’! This is a great book celebrating the virtue of being true to yourself.


Put this one on your list and read it!


Faves Friday

If you’re into coloring these are a less expensive option in the Prismacolor line. Coloring with them feels so good!

Bookmarks cut from pretty paper……


And my current book crushes…..




Toodles! 😉