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I’m doing the audio book of The Serpent King and after the first couple of CDs I was ready to drop it, but the friend who recommended it convinced me to stick it out. I’m glad I did. It’s great storytelling. It’s also sad. Dang it, Zentner, why’d you do it?!? If you’ve already read it, you know which part I’m talking about. Still, it’s too good not to finish despite its bittersweetness. Continue reading

Friday Faves

Loved this article on Bookriot about the audiobooks that turned readers

into listeners. 

Not a new book but one I just discovered and boy is it funny!

Half his legs were made of pegs ; a patch hid half his eyes–but with only half  a treasure map, he’d never found his prize.

Absolutely nothing to do with books but way too awesome not to share! I could see having a slice of this with a cup of coffee and a good book….ah, there’s the connection. 

Leopard Bread from Nasi Lemak Lover

Did this at storytime this week with great success! It made the coolest, abstract, splatter pictures. 

Mess-Free Process Art for Toddlers


And this. 

 We’ve got a donation box in the children’s department for people to give towards my branch’s upcoming renovation. This week we found this letter in our toy ‘mailbox’, handwritten in cursive crayon from a young patron: I don’t want to donate for a new library because this is already my dream library.  So precious!