Friday Faves, Pinterest edition!

Today’s post is dedicated to some of my favorite Pinterest boards for inspiration. Why reinvent the wheel? This is what Pinterest is for! Happy pinning!

Babble Dabble Do is a bright, fun site with lots of hands-on ideas for kids and they have a great Pinterest page. You’re sure to find an idea for whatever project you have in mind. 

I just discovered What Do We Do All Day’s Pinterest page. Lots of book, STEM and craft boards worth checking out.

Imagination Tree is another fun site with a Pinterest page to match. Tons of boards but I especially like the craft and sensory idea boards. 

This art teacher’s page gives you all, and I mean ALL, the art inspiration you could ever, ever want!

Check out their page for fun craft and sensory ideas galore!

Take a look at Home Chic Home for beautiful interior inspiration. I love every space pinned on this board!

Funny, cute and inspirational words for whatever mood you’re in. 

Lonely Planet’s page will help you fill up that bucket list!



Friday Faves!

Loving Book Riot more all the time. They put together this list of literary references from Golden Girls. Love the Girls and I’m not afraid to admit it. And no one gives them credit for being the first Sex and the City!


If you don’t know Literature Map yet check it out! It’s a fun animated visual for author read-alike suggestions. There’s a Movie Map and a Music Map too!


Have you seen these? Yoga dress pants could revolutionize this children’s librarian’s workday!


Love this mug at Gone Reading! Not so sure about the Sylvia Plath finger puppet….


5 little Sylvias…..


I have a birthday coming up and I’m gonna need cake.  Some literary inspiration….




Friday Faves

Loved this article on Bookriot about the audiobooks that turned readers

into listeners. 

Not a new book but one I just discovered and boy is it funny!

Half his legs were made of pegs ; a patch hid half his eyes–but with only half  a treasure map, he’d never found his prize.

Absolutely nothing to do with books but way too awesome not to share! I could see having a slice of this with a cup of coffee and a good book….ah, there’s the connection. 

Leopard Bread from Nasi Lemak Lover

Did this at storytime this week with great success! It made the coolest, abstract, splatter pictures. 

Mess-Free Process Art for Toddlers


And this. 

 We’ve got a donation box in the children’s department for people to give towards my branch’s upcoming renovation. This week we found this letter in our toy ‘mailbox’, handwritten in cursive crayon from a young patron: I don’t want to donate for a new library because this is already my dream library.  So precious!


Friday Faves

Just found Late Night Library podcasts. This one of them discussing Susan Atkins’ biography (member of the Charles Manson cult) was especially good. 

I absolutely LOVE this activity that’s a mix of science and art from Ana @ Babble Dabble Do!

Process Art for Kids - Ooey Gooey Oily Art

Check out this cool mini library/book exchange that transforms!

Mark your calendars or bookmark this page now for the release dates of these awesome picture books by award-winning authors and illustrators!

 And finally, this. I need this in my life. Look at the way the box shows how you can make all the 3D things! Eating Building 3D chocolate designs–that’s a STEM activity, right? 


Friday Faves

Totally adorable bookish prints

Books and Bunny in Big Green and White Striped Bow Tie - A BUNNY'S Favorite Books - Art Print

Reimagining book titles as super-short summaries of the book. This one is hilarious:

betterbooktitles: Jon Klassen: I Want My Hat Back

How cute are these suncatcher hearts?! I must make them!


Finally a summer reading tshirt that I’ll actually wear again! 

Hey kids, don't try reading and running at the same time!

Hey kids, get your multitasking on! Not sure what the message is here. But definitely read while doing something!

My favorite thing this week, other than those hearts, was this. 

Funniest propaganda I’ve ever read!  And Hillary’s never looked more adorable!


Do you know your old famous (and not so famous) guys? There’s a key in the back if you need help.

The world was hard for women in the 1950s then “along came Hillary”…..


Here’s Hillary organizing games to raise money for the poor! Here’s Hillary giving the money to poor kids! The best line in the whole book, “Take that 1950s!” Here’s Hillary overcoming an entire sexist decade!  It’s almost like she’s a …….

wait for it….


superwoman!  Take that, all other women!


In case you’re not convinced yet, here’s Hillary with lots of other smart, accomplished, famous women. Look how much brighter and happier Hillary is than the rest of them!

All I want to know is when’s Bush’s, Trump’s or Sanders’ book coming out?

Toodles! 😉