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Best Storytime Ever: Where’s the Music?!

Writing a post about music was hard and I’m not sure why. I’m a musical person. My storytimes are pretty musical and I’ve even, once or twice, done too much music which I could tell from the expressions on the faces of little people that said, “I’m not shaking or wiggling one. more. thing!” Poor things were just exhausted! Here’s the thing: I’m picky about my storytime music. It needs to be uptempo, singable by a group and have actions, preferably. Consequently, once I find a song I like it becomes an almost permanent addition to the repertoire. Case in point, I’ve been singing the same goodbye song for about four years now. Time for some new tunes! Continue reading

What We Did at the Library: Itty Bitty STEAM Club

This past weeked was the second installment of a pre-K STEAM series. The first program was a menagerie of activities. This time I did an autumn-themed STEAM program. Here’s what we did!

We read…..








Before we read we talked about the signs of fall which included hibernation and migration. Love anytime I can naturally work in big words with little people. It was the perfect segue into reading It’s Fall!. 

The good thing about STEAM at the preschool level is that it can be simple. And preschoolers are a very forgiving crowd. So when an experiment doesn’t quite go as planned, you know-for example, they’re completely unfazed.

We did…….

A Reggio-inspired math exploration table 

This was a big table with all sorts of items for kids to count, sort and weigh. I made number and dot cards and borrowed kitchen scales to use for weighing. There were rocks, pine cones, twigs, seashells, wooden shapes, small wood blocks, glass stones, corks, silk flowers. Use whatever you have on hand. Kids got a kick out of using the scales and seeing what was heavier or lighter.

We painted a branch. An activity that was exactly what it sounds like. I found a big branch about 4′ long and set out lots of colors and brushes.

Apple stacking with play dough and real apples!






A simple science experiment illustrating why leaves change colors. 

A 5 Little Pumpkins engineering challenge using wooden and Kapla blocks. The challenge was to use the blocks to build a bridge that would support the weight of one or more small pumpkins. One child built a bridge that held all five pumpkins!






Happy Fall!


What We Did in Storytime: Alive & Not Alive

There’s a song I saw on Sesame Street as a child and I’ve never forgotten it. “A rock is not alive, no no no no no!” Trust me, it’s a catchy tune. So when trying to decide on a theme for last week’s storytime I thought, “Alive, not alive!” Yes yes yes yes yes. We talked about what makes a thing living or non living. We talked about living and non living things that we saw in the storytime room. And one little girl talked about the time her pet went from being living to non living.  A good time was had by all the live ones.

Theme:   Living/Not Living     Ages:   0-6     Early Literacy Focus:  Talk and Read


Rhyming, flaps, interactivity and comparison of living/non living.

Because both living and non living things get stuck.









Songs & Rhymes

Shake Your Sillies Out-Wiggles

Finger Poppin–Georgiana Stewart

12345 Fish Alive

Big Fat Spider–Sharon Lois and Bram


There was so much rich conversation about living and nonliving things happening around these stations!





























Story on!