Sixty Kids and a Teacher Walk Into a Library

Being close to a few elementary schools  and also newly renovated we’ve had requests for tours and storytimes. Recently, 60 kindergartners and first graders came by and this is what we did!

Since it was close to the start of our summer reading program I went with a building theme so almost all stations had kids constructing with various materials. I especially like the velcro sticks. Craft sticks and velcro dots and you’ve got building materials! Someone gave a us a magnetic building set that has rods and spheres. There are just enough pieces to keep a couple of kids busy. Of course the Lego station was the most popular. There was a dough/block station. And a station with interlocking fish similar to these. I’m not sure why kids weren’t interested in them but they most certainly were not. The last station was an art activity where I’d taped down large sheets of construction paper and gave them wet chalk. The idea was to go around the table adding on to the designs others had drawn. The kids that tried it were really into it and produced interesting results.

We read….



Now for the rest of summer storytimes!