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I’m doing the audio book of The Serpent King and after the first couple of CDs I was ready to drop it, but the friend who recommended it convinced me to stick it out. I’m glad I did. It’s great storytelling. It’s also sad. Dang it, Zentner, why’d you do it?!? If you’ve already read it, you know which part I’m talking about. Still, it’s too good not to finish despite its bittersweetness.

Oh my Lord, do I love this spunky middle grade novel! Gertie is one of the funniest, most lovable middle grade characters I’ve met in a while. She’s a strong, flawed, full of moxie girl determined to do big things. Beasley has surrounded her with an interesting cast of larger-than-life characters who often find themselves in outlandish situations. There’s enough reality to bring it back down to earth and humor to keep it from getting too heavy. I’m only half way through so I don’t know how it turns out, but you should still put this one on your list!