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I’m doing the audio book of The Serpent King and after the first couple of CDs I was ready to drop it, but the friend who recommended it convinced me to stick it out. I’m glad I did. It’s great storytelling. It’s also sad. Dang it, Zentner, why’d you do it?!? If you’ve already read it, you know which part I’m talking about. Still, it’s too good not to finish despite its bittersweetness. Continue reading

What We Did in Storytime, Bunnies!

We did a bunny storytime for spring.  Storytimers are the most fun!

Theme:   Bunnies         Age:  0-6         Literacy Focus:  Love Books


I don’t know if I’ve ever had a group laugh so much to a book as this group did to the Easter Bunny’s AssistantEverybunny Dance! had a lot actions you could invite a group to do with you to make it more interactive. Continue reading

What I Did in Storytime, Tacos Tacos Tacos!

I’ve been doing this gig for a long time and I’ve done thousands of storytimes. In the beginning I had to write everything down so I knew exactly what I was going to do and in what order. Now, I could do them in sleep, and even if I plan them ahead of time, the finished product is always a little different. Anywho, this means I usually either don’t have a theme or I pick the theme at the last minute. Such was the case with this storytime, centered around the book Dragons Love Tacos. Hey, I love tacos, too! Taco me! Continue reading