What I Did in Storytime, Song Stories

When it comes to storytime I’m not much of a theme person, but when I am my two favorite themes are Music and Gulp! Something Gets Eaten. Last week was music, next week something’s getting eaten!

Theme: Song Stories      Age: 0-36 months       Early Literacy Focus: Sing & Rhyme


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The last book I read was Ain’t Gonna Paint No More. It’s a little long for reading to babies so to make it work before reading I gave each parent a clean paintbrush. I explained that this story talks about painting different body parts so “when we get to that part, paint your baby!” There were a few preK-aged kids and they each got a paintbrush so they could paint themselves. Oh my goodness, it was an overload of cute baby giggles as parents brushed arms and hands and necks! Parents loved it. It was so adorable I wish I could’ve stopped to take a picture. It was a perfect storytime moment!

Songs, Rhymes & Fingerplays

Open, shut them -opening song

Very, Very Tall – opening song

Fingerpoppin’ – opening song

The Elevator Song

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Skinnamarink – goodbye song

Normally I’d do more songs and bounces but since the books I read were interactive song stories it was the right amount of music.

Activity Stations


Sensory Salads – This is a great way to adapt sensory play for babies! It can be difficult for babies to gather around a big table or bin but having bowls allows the parent to hold the child so they can play and explore together. I did 5 bowls: water beads, tissue paper, feather boas and Mardi Gras-type necklaces, beans and pom poms, shaving cream and rubber ducks. This station went over really well.

collaborative painting – a long sheet of butcher paper on a tarp and muffin tins with paint.

Itsy Bitsy Spider water play-an idea I saw here. I included cars and ping pong balls. Once they figured out what they were supposed to do it was the most popular station.

Next time……..gulp!