1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Hillarys

I was going to post this before we ever knew who the next president would be. Back when Hill was still a viable candidate for president, we laughed at the idea of a trump presidency and microwaves were just for cooking. When these books were being published who in their right mind would’ve thought we’d be here? What is wrong with this picture???

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Every. single. day.

If you’re in political mourning, enjoy these HRC picture book bios.

I was shocked by the magnitude of propagandery (yes, I made that up but I think it fits!) with this title. I’m not sure it’s appropriate to feed kids this much puffery. The book starts by comparing her to Queen Elizabeth I, Joan of Arc and Rosie the Riveter (legendary women of history and a fictional character created for Westinghouse?)  However, Markel’s and Pham’s version is still my first pick for the funniest read with the most adorable Hillary. I mean, really, she’s adorable.


Don’t you love this cover? It looks like she belongs on a state seal. I can almost see her on the $5 bill. Ok, the $20! There’s a lot of emphasis on Hillary being ‘The First’ to do everything it seems. I wonder if the author knows she’s not the first woman to run for president. Check out this Time Magazine article about the five other women who’ve run for president. What strikes me as odd is that Hillary never looks the same twice, sometimes not even looking recognizable as herself.


Krull’s bio is probably the most innocuous of the bunch since it’s less about the legendary greatness of Hillary and more about using the lessons of her life to inspire readers to their own greatness.

Read and relive the dream!