Why It’s Absolutely Okay to Take a Break

What’s a surefire way to make blogging feel new again? Take a break for 3 months or a while! I could stress that I haven’t ticked off every. single. item. on my to do list. But, you can not do it all. The earth will continue to spin. Life happens. And a lot of life has happened in the interim. Moving back into my library branch after it being closed for most of 2016 which meant getting back into the groove of working a public desk, answering phones and doing storytimes. And lots of personal adulting stuff that I’ll spare anyone from reading. I need a tshirt that says I’d rather be playing. 

From storytime*….

I recently had library patrons gift me with wonderful things! After joking with my storytime parents that I needed a bubble machine, one of them walked in with this. They even included batteries. Bless them.

Another patron brought in this…..

Big styrofoam pieces, pink packing peanuts and a bag of pine cones. Awesome! Only a children’s librarian would get excited about that.

We did a yarn storytime and asked staff around our system to donate unwanted yarn. That’s a load of yarn! Nice yarn, too.

Pete the Cat came to visit. We had to tape down one of his ears because it wouldn’t stay on. Good times.

I did a tails-themed storytime just so I could read Whose Poop is That? It was a hit and got checked out as soon as storytime was over.

Visited a beautiful, modern library with lots of interesting elements.

The entryway ceiling

an alphabet table displaying items that start with each letter

Presented for local early childhood educators where I got to talk about picture books and storytimes! I love talking about picture books and storytimes!

For the ideas behind those storytime pictures…..

Sparkly puffy paint, Cloud dough-we used vegetable oil and cornstarch, “See You Later Alligator” song from Jbrary, sugar writing, bag of confetti used for a craft similar to this.

Until next time.