What I did in storytime, Gulp!

One of my all time favorite themes–books about things that get eaten! So many good books with this theme have come out lately. Bon Appétit!  Continue reading


What I Did in Storytime, Song Stories

When it comes to storytime I’m not much of a theme person, but when I am my two favorite themes are Music and Gulp! Something Gets Eaten. Last week was music, next week something’s getting eaten! Continue reading

1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Hillarys

I was going to post this before we ever knew who the next president would be. Back when Hill was still a viable candidate for president, we laughed at the idea of a trump presidency and microwaves were just for cooking. When these books were being published who in their right mind would’ve thought we’d be here? What is wrong with this picture??? Continue reading

Why It’s Absolutely Okay to Take a Break

What’s a surefire way to make blogging feel new again? Take a break for 3 months or a while! I could stress that I haven’t ticked off every. single. item. on my to do list. But, you can not do it all. The earth will continue to spin. Life happens. And a lot of life has happened in the interim. Moving back into my library branch after it being closed for most of 2016 which meant getting back into the groove of working a public desk, answering phones and doing storytimes. And lots of personal adulting stuff that I’ll spare anyone from reading. I need a tshirt that says I’d rather be playing.  Continue reading