Storytime Rewind

We had storytime yesterday with ages ranging from 0-8 years  and everyone had a good time. I don’t usually follow a ‘theme’ per se. I just pick books, music and activities I like. Here’s what we did!

I’d been wanting to read these pirate books for a while and yesterday was the day. If you haven’t yet read Half-Pint Pete, read it already!  It’s one of the better pirate books I’ve seen. I wasn’t sure about Swap! for a readaloud but I did it anyway. The illustrations are a little busy but the older kids were able to follow what was happening, and I had everyone saying ‘swap’ every time we saw it. There was a little girl about two years old who after a few rounds of saying ‘swap’ with the group looked at her mom and exclaimed, “I said swap! I’m reading!”


In between I read….

This is a beautiful book with flaps on each page that reveal the magic of spring. It has lots of interesting words having to do with spring and kids thought it was fun getting to say things like, “hocus pocus” and “bibbity boo”. It’s a good one to read this time of year.

We sang……

I’ve been trying to incorporate more diversity in my storytimes. One of the ways I am doing that is with music. “Funga Alafia” by Mr. Eric and Mr. Michael on their Bouncy Blue CD is a fun West African song of welcome and has actions that you can simplify for the preschool crowd. Loosely translated it means the spirit in me welcomes the spirit in you;  everyone is welcome here; namaste or amen. That’s a great message to share with people. Youtube it if you’re unfamiliar.

“Funga Alafia” by Mr. Eric and Mr. Michael (use with shakers and bells)

“Finger Poppin” by Georgina Stewart

“Ram Sam Sam” (watch the Wee Sing video here)

“I Can Shake My Shaker Egg” by Mr. Eric and Mr. Michael (so much fun to watch kids moving to this one!)

“Skinnamarink” by Sharon, Lois and Bram (Don’t count them out because their music is older. They’re awesome! And they do the best rendition of “Itsy Bitsy Spider”!)

For our station time we…..

played in a sensory table filled with packing peanuts, seashells and scoops

did body tracing on rolls of butcher paper

and had a ‘build-a-palooza’ using all the blocks we had


By the end, one little boy kept coming up to me with a big smile and giving me hugs. I think he enjoyed storytime!

What did you do or are going to do in storytime this week?