One Day I Did Storytime


This is the only pic I have from this week’s storytime, Velcro sticks. They’re easy to make, fun and kids enjoy building with them and using them to form letters.



I loved In a Village by the Sea, the story and especially the art. But, it might be too ‘quiet’ of a book for a group read aloud with preschoolers. Parents liked it.

One Day, The End is hilarious. Parents and kids laughed through this one. Kids got a kick out saying ‘the end’ together. It’s a good book for introducing littles to the concept of telling a story.


One of the most popular stations this week was Magnatiles. These are super fun and make building easy. They are rather pricey, though.

The other station that kids love no matter how many times we do it is a sensory bean bin. Now, this is not our bean bin. See how all of the beans are inside the bin? Ours is a water table filled with black beans underneath which is usually a large pile of said beans (because it’s really fun to see them flying through the air).








What did you do in storytime this week?