Snow Days…and a Review

We got snow in my neck of the woods  city and while it wasn’t as much as the east coast got it was enough to get a couple of snow days. What’s a librarian to do–drink coffee, read, nap, eat chili…..or blog? Coffee drinking, reading, napping and chili eating beat out blogging this week. #Sorrynotsorry  What else did I do while I wasn’t blogging? I call this “toys in snow”……..


On Monday this little masterpiece got left behind after storytime……


Review of The Bear Report

Oh, this book! Thyra Heder, who also did Fraidyzoo, does tremendous work here. The story: a girl has to find facts on polar bears to share with her class. After deciding that the only thing to say about them is that ” They are big. They eat things. They are mean”, a polar bear suddenly appears in her house. He takes her on a grand adventure to show her what life is like in his Arctic home, from fish sticks to the Aurora Borealis. By the end, she’s overflowing with inspiration and resolved to tell everyone all about her new friend.


In the author’s note, Heder talks briefly about a glacier hike she took in Iceland. She draws on that experience to create a funny, understated and beautiful picture book. And what a beautiful picture book it is. Full of hazy watercolors in muted shades of aqua, turquoise, lavender and white, it’s a sweet depiction. Heder, via her talented approach, has made the Arctic seem warm and inviting rather than cold and bleak. You want to see Heder’s Arctic. Do read this one. Recommend for preK and up.