A Literary Feast or What I’m Thankful For




This is ‘what I’m reading’. Twenty titles in these stacks plus two more that were lying somewhere else. It’s ridiculous really because no working person could read all this in one checkout period. They check out for 3 weeks with two renewals. I’ve used them all. Some are overdue. I’ve been billed for a book that I’ve got but haven’t finished and can’t bring myself to turn in until I do. #notsorry But look what a good mix of books it is! There’s old and new, fiction and nonfiction, adult and ya and children’s, books getting award buzz. There are books I’m reading for me and books I’m reading for work. This is how I know when I hear people say, “I just buy my books” that they’re not readers, not really. You can buy books when you only read a few a year, but when you’re reading dozens, maybe even hundreds of books a year you’re not buying them! I don’t trust people who aren’t readers. It’s as if they’re saying I don’t do words. How could you not? Books have been my life line, my education, inspiration, comic relief, passport, therapy. It’s through books that I’ve learned more about love and myself. My life is better for being a reader. For all the books and the ones who taught me to read them, I am forever thankful.

Lord, help me the day I stop working at the library and start accruing fines. In that case, I should get naming rights.

Happy Thanksgiving!


6 thoughts on “A Literary Feast or What I’m Thankful For

  1. Jam says:

    Agreed! I don’t trust people who aren’t readers either. Books have been my everything for as long as I can remember. I’ve not gone on a library binge like that in years! I’ve been reading a lot of free kindle books, charity shop books, proofs/arcs and as a former bookseller, making use of my generous staff discount. I must check out my ‘new’ library! Looks like a great selection! Stack envy 🙂

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    • CJ says:

      Can I steal #stackenvy because I’m going to! lol I go through spells where I’ve got big stacks and reading a lot and other times when I’m like ‘let me catch up on my Star Trek binging’. 😉

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  2. Jam says:

    Yeah!! You are welcome to steal it as long as you attribute it to me 😉 #stackenvy (you heard it here first folks!)

    Totally agree. There are often periods of frenzied reading activity and others when I am bingeing on Amazon Prime TV shows.

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  3. Sarah Bean Thompson says:

    First off, you’re a Trek fan too? How did I not know this? We really need to hang out more often!

    And I totally agree about the just buying books. I buy books, but I check out so many from the library and use all of renewals that I couldn’t buy them all. It’s like all the people who look at me shocked when they hear they can have 50 items-“I could never have that many!” I always want to say “oh really? I get to 50 on a regular basis!” 🙂

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